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Don’t have the time or resources to manage your Web site and make it an effective marketing tool? We can manage every aspect of your site for you from design and hosting to updates and search engine optimization and maintenance. We can make your Web site successful without you having to lift a finger other than processing orders.

Our Site Management Team knows how to get the most from your Web site. We track and analyze site visits to position premium content and implement your Web marketing strategies. We also keep content fresh to maintain customer interest and handle banner ad campaigns, affiliate programs, search engine placement, and more.

Web Site Management Services – Basic

  • Website Updates
  • Analytics Reporting

Website Updates

Management of your website will include a pre-arranged number of hours per month for the following items:

  • Phone and eMail Support
  • Hosting Issues and Questions
  • Changes to Web Pages
  • Graphic Design and Production

Any time not used will be rolled over to the following month and credited at the end of the contract. New functionality, creation of new graphics, or development of new sections will be quoted separately on a per-project basis.

Google Analytics

Keep an eye on your traffic with monthly website traffic reports. Reports are generated by Google Analytics in clear easy-to-read tables and colorful graphs. Review visitor behavior, advertising views, referring sites, visitor paths, demographics, and much more. Google Analytics produces customizable reports in HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel, ASCII text, and comma-delimited formats.

Web Site Management Services – Advanced

  • All Basic Services
  • Broken Link Reports
  • Web Site Monitoring
  • Web Position Reports
  • Weekly Back-ups
  • Fresh Content and Headline Retrieval

Broken Link Reports

The number one reason visitors leave a site is broken links. Regular reports will tell you which links are broken and will also include information on page load times and ‘buried’ and orphaned pages.

Web Site Monitoring

Your website is an investment, and you need a guarantee that it’s available to visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Web Site Monitoring will alert you if your site goes off-line or response times slow to unacceptable levels.

Web Position Reports

Search engines are still the number one online resource for finding websites. Web Position Reports will tell you exactly where you stand on all of the major search engines.

Weekly Back-ups

Regular Web archives stored on CDs or the Cloud are useful both as a backup contingency and as a way to present your site offline.

Fresh Content and Headline Retrieval

Fresh content keeps visitors coming back. In fact, fresh, related content is how a visitor finds your site in the first place. A Content Retrieval plan will be created specifically for your Web site and can include news stories, articles, and hyperlinks to related resources and can happen at an interval that you specify, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

We’ll also submit ‘Call for Article’ announcements in appropriate communities to generate fresh content that is exclusive to your Web site.

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